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Travertine Renovation

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Travertine is a terrestrial sedimentary rock, formed either by the precipitation of carbonate minerals from solution in ground and surface waters or geothermal hot-springs. It looks beautiful when it’s well looked after, but it does require occasional professional maintenance.

If you are seeking help cleaning, restoring or just polishing a travertine floor, our specialist floor restoration team in Maidstone have both the experience and the cutting edge equipment needed to provide the highest quality results. First, TileMaster staff remove dirt and debris, before buffing out surface marks and getting rid of surface scratches. Protective sealant is then applied, which restores the travertine to a fantastic like-new shine, in turn making the tiles and grout easier to keep cleaner, for longer.

How to tell your travertine needs cleaning or restoration

Weekly sweeping and dusting of the floor is always recommended, supported by semi-regular professional cleaning and polishing to extend the floor’s lifespan for as long as possible.

The frequency with which you should professionally clean, polish and seal your travertine floor is decided based on a number of different factors, not least the amount of footfall the floor receives. Typically business premises require professional cleaning more frequently than domestic dwellings.

When deciding to book a professional restoration of your travertine you should look our for these common issues. Your local TileMaster professional can help identify and resolve the following common travertine problems:

  • Dull and lifeless travertine flooring
  • Holes and pits in the surface that require filling
  • Cracks in the surface
  • Uneven floor with sharp edges
  • Worn, tired grouting
  • Debris from builders or construction work
  • Mopping has no effect
  • Scratches and dirt embedded in the surface
  • Does your travertine floor have dull spots?
  • Are you looking to bring back that fresh, just laid finish?

Benefits of our travertine cleaning and polishing service

Book the trained and experienced staff of TileMaster Maidstone to restore your travertine tiles to discover why our customers consistently rate us 5 stars. There are many benefits of TileMaster’s travertine floor cleaning and polishing service beyond our fantastic and affordable prices, including:

  • Extend the lifespan of your travertine flooring dramatically
  • Less maintenance and sweeping once any holes and cracks have been filled
  • Protect the grout with a professional seal to keep it cleaner for longer
  • Better and brighter finish achieved
  • Grinding the floor creates a smooth seamless finish
  • A safer, bacteria-free environment for family and pets
  • Our process protects your warranty
  • We work with minimal disruption and leave no mess behind

TileMaster’s travertine restoration packages:

Every member of staff at TileMaster has been carefully trained to restore travertine floors, using only the most suitable techniques in order to achieve the best results for our customers. Our state-of-the-art floor cleaning machines and solutions enable our technicians to deploy an specialised multi-step process for cleaning travertine and grout, restoring all to an impressive finish:

  • Step 1 – TileMaster survey the travertine and discuss finish and seal options
  • Step 2 – We then remove furniture and prepare the area
  • Step 3 – Surroundings are protected and sensitive surfaces masked with specialist low tack masking and protection
  • Step 4 – Dry vacuuming and sweeping of the area to remove dry soil and abrasive grit
  • Step 5 – We use custom cleaning agents to remove old sealer and previous cleaning solutions.
  • Step 6 – Mechanical agitation and power scrub with PH neutral floor cleaner, deep cleaning the tiles and grout
  • Step 7 – Fresh water rinsing and high power vacuum extracts the dirty solution into our specialist on board vacuum tanks
  • Step 8 – Diamond sand smoothes the surface and removes marks and etching
  • Step 9 – Diamond Polish to a Honed, Matt, Satin, high shine or mirror finish as required
  • Step 10 – Speed dry floor and buff to remove any final marks and leave a perfect, spotless floor
  • Step 11 – Commercial grade impregnating sealer is applied to protect the grout from oil and water based spills and stains
  • Step 12 – Final customer inspection process, full advice offered for daily and weekly maintenance, complementary 6 months worth of cleaner

Why choose TileMaster:

There are many reasons to choose TileMaster Maidstone to restore the travertine floor in your home or business. From our great prices to our fast and efficient work. Ask our many happy customers who rate us 5 stars, there are so many reasons to choose TileMaster:

  • Fully insured for all domestic and commercial work
  • Health and safety compliant displaying signage and working safely
  • Fully trained UK team
  • Quality added value of service
  • Minimum disruption to your home or business
  • Friendly, local service
  • We move your furniture and replace it again


Every job is different, due to furniture, size of area and treatments required but during the free survey & demo we will give you an estimate of time. For example, we recently completed a deep clean and sealed a marble floor of 40sqm in 1.5 days

Every job is different but during the free survey we measure up, do a free demonstration clean to show the results we can achieve, and from this we send over a full proposal for you to browse at your own leisure. We do not give prices on the day or put you under any pressure for an answer there and then

Yes, the floor is fine to use once we leave on the first day. We try to leave protection on the floor in the main traffic way or around the kitchen island, in front of the sink or oven. We normally suggest just not to cook anything like spag bol or curry, however, because the sauce might end up splattering on the floor

No problem! Using specialist filler and a traditional wax method we can colour match fillers on site to help make them look like a natural feature of your tile

Holes in travertine are perfectly natural and are caused by hot springs or gasses passing through the rock. The pits and air pockets can be filled in the factory process, but these can pop out and come away from foot traffic when the tiles are first laid. Also, some travertine is sold unfilled and during the fitting the tiler fixer will float the grout over the whole tile and fill up the holes and pits with grout. This is perfectly fine, however the grout can become stained and discoloured if it isn’t sealed and maintained correctly

Yes, we can use aggressive diamond tooling to remove the lips or sharp edges. Once the floor is flat we can smooth out the floor and bring back the wonderful polished finish

All products used are within the manufacturer’s guidelines, and where applicable your flooring manufacture own brand products can be used.

Scratches, scuff marks and damage on the floor can be removed if they are surface-level and in the dressing. Deeper scratches on the surface may require a more intensive process to use diamond pads to repair the scratch.

We are happy to give a ballpark figure from pictures and room sizes, as this can help customer budgeting on renovation projects if they are unsure whether to restore or replace, but ultimately we would need to carry out a full survey and demo before any work can take place.

Yes, we are always happy to call out and offer a free demo clean. Not only does this give you, the customer, a good indication of the results we can achieve, it also allows us to quote for the floor correctly, as we know the process required to achieve those results.


Trained Experts

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Fully Insured

 Our teams are insured in the rare case there are any issues.


5 Star Service

TileMaster are rated 5 stars nationwide by our happy customers.

Our happy clients include:



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Fully Trained Team

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4 Reviews

  1. Lyn Turner

    We had the pleasure of Guy dealing with a stained fireplace, which he has cleaned and sealed. We found the service received very efficient and a Guy was a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend.

  2. Debbie Keeler

    Absolutely delighted with the clean and sealing of our marble floor – the floor looks amazing. Guy and his team did a great job and were a pleasure to deal with. We can highly recommend so pleased!

  3. Diane Kemp

    Hello Guy
    I have a shower cubicle and my cleaner has thrown viakal or something acidic over some of the travertine (or are they limestone?) tiles.

    About 6-8 large tiles are affected by staining.

    Is that something you can rectify for me? I can send photos if that would help and then perhaps you could quote me.

  4. Sue Keal

    Guy came and cleaned our terracotta kitchen floor which was heavily stained and he did a wonderful job and was very professional.Work was carried out without any fuss or problems. We are so pleased with the result and would definitely recommend.

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Steve Morrisey
Steve Morrisey
06:28 10 Jun 21
Not sure how long the stone floors in my house have been down before I lived there, but something tells me quite some time. Tilemaster spent 3 days... doing their stuff and the whole downstairs is transformed!. It's like living in a new house. more
James Kelman
James Kelman
17:57 30 May 21
Coming upto 2 years since doing the 2 day course and I can highly recommend it for anyone looking to do hard floor cleaning as an add on to their... business or changing their career. I'm glad I chose tilemaster as not only the products and equipment are great but the after sales and support is brilliant, Alex, Martin and Lee is always on the end of the phone to help with any queries. Excellent company and always quick delivery of more
Ben Wood
Ben Wood
20:48 26 May 21
The best customer service I have ever experienced from any company ever. The best team in the industry, fantastic machines and products. I can't... recommend them highly enough. Thank you for all your help and more
Central Steam Cleaning
Central Steam Cleaning
16:34 27 Feb 21
Can I just say a big thankyou to the guys at Tilemaster for the fantastic training course I attended recently. Highly educational and informative... with plenty of laughs in between. The course has given me the confidence and knowledge to add another service to my business. Cheers again guys 👍read more
Mark Bentall
Mark Bentall
20:31 22 Feb 21
After years of living with a very dull, cracked and altogether disappointing marble tiled kitchen floor I turned to TileMaster for help. I first... purchased the tile repair resin and the result was great, it was easy to apply and very forgiving with a "have a go" amateur. Riding high with confidence and now with a first success under my belt I bit the bullet and purchased a Conan HD rotary machine with a set of hybrid pads and sealer to polish the floor; maybe excessive to some but given £100's already spend on paying others and ending with miserable results I wanted to try for myself. I was told the result would not be as good as new and when I first saw the hybrid pads I didn't think I would have much of a floor left but I followed the online instructions and got down to some serious polishing. The TileMaster team were right, the result was not as good as new, it was better! It's an incredible finish, like glass, very few scratches remain, I cannot believe it. After trying for years to get such as finish I can only say thank you for your clear advice and great products. Thank you so much. more
Paul Coster
Paul Coster
09:53 29 Jan 21
Bought tile and stone repair resin filler for use on cracks in our limestone floor. Product is as described does a great job & gives an excellent... finish. Really pleased with the speedy delivery and customer service from TileMaster defiantly recommend to anyone needing their more
lee dark
lee dark
18:39 16 Nov 20
fantastic advice,products do as they say,great finish,really good staff.products are a snip compared to sandblasting etc.cheers
Brendan Howarth
Brendan Howarth
13:53 14 Nov 20
I called Tilemaster to enquire about cleaning our old York Stone floor, the floor was black as it ad never been sealed and was the original floor in... a public house. As I was sceptical about the results they came and did a test patch for free and after 2 days of cleaning and sealing the floor we are amazed how clean it is. highly recommendedread more
14:07 02 Nov 20
Tile Master did a great job of restoring and polishing our large marble floor which now looks much better. Thank you!
claire hives
claire hives
12:27 21 Oct 20
From start to finish, Tilemaster was superb, From Lee in the office to the guys who carried out the work, they couldn't do enough. Great job, great... guys. Thank you Tilemaster!read more
Julia Meacock
Julia Meacock
11:56 21 Mar 20
I cannot recommend TileMaster highly enough. From start to finish, I was met with friendly, professional people. Work was carried out on time to... such a high standard. We now have a beautiful, paraquet floor which had been carpeted for 70 years! You would not believe the state it was in. Thank you more
Norman Hauserman
Norman Hauserman
14:54 16 Mar 20
Tilemaster did what it said on the can. Date and time of work was as agreed. Communication was excellent. The technician was 1st class. All completed... more
Mark Plumb
Mark Plumb
19:15 18 Feb 20
I've done a couple of courses with the guys at tilemaster and I found them to be very helpful, informative and professional. I've used there products... for a while now and found them to be very high quality and reasonably priced. They are also available for advice on the best products for the job. Highly recommendedread more
Gemma Wynne
Gemma Wynne
18:51 14 Feb 20
Jamie & Jamie worked wonders on our kitchen floor which now looks like new. All staff are professional and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to use... TileMaster again or to recommend them. Fantastic customer service from start to more
Joanna Hudson
Joanna Hudson
09:33 07 Feb 20
Most professional, careful work; a resounding success from initial consultation to the end. So impressed with the care taken to restore wooden floors... in bedroom and landing to their original character and beauty. Delighted with the prompt and courteous service and the care taken around my home in general. Cannot recommend and praise this most knowledgeable team, use of first class products and their pride in their work enough. Thank you more
Kerry McCandlish
Kerry McCandlish
09:28 04 Jan 20
I found TileMaster via a Google search. I had uncovered an old Victorian tiled kitchen floor prior to installing a new kitchen and I wanted to... restore/conserve it. I contacted Lee McCarthy at TileMaster to ask about types of cleaners and brushes. Lee gave great advice freely and I opted for two types of tile stripper to try; Tile & Stone Stripper which is solvent based and the TM Stripper which is water based. These are both great products, although I preferred the water-based stripper. I found it easier to use as it gave me longer to work into the tile surface while using the 4″ Winnex HD Hand Brush attached to my angle grinder. Yet again, I received great advice from Lee when it came to choosing a sealer and I used Colour Enhancing Sealer – Solvent Based. The sealer is excellent and has done a great job. My only word of caution is to ensure that the tiles are fully dry before using. I had a some tiles had efflorescence on them after I failed to dry them completely before applying the sealer. All in all, very good products and an excellent customer support service. Thank you Leeread more
Nadia Kelly
Nadia Kelly
15:05 20 Nov 19
Excellent, knowledgeable service. Tilemaster have restored my wet room floor brilliantly.
Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong
14:36 20 Nov 19
I was recommended to TileMaster through a third party and got in touch with them. I found them to be ultra professional in every way. They attended... the property in order to give me a quote on the project within 24 hours and delivered the quote to me the same day. They are all genuinely very easy to deal with, polite and are a friendly team of people to undertake your project for you. Their communication was excellent and the quality of their workmanship was of an exceptionally high standard. I am very happy to give them a high recommendation and will use them on any future projects without more
Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson
11:49 17 Oct 19
Trained with Tilemaster on all their available courses, because they're the best. Simple as that. I challenge you to find a better group of guys to... deal with, it's more
Pete Johnson
Pete Johnson
14:52 20 Sep 19
Just come back from a 2 days training on the Tile Master course for Tile, Stone, Cleaning and Refinishing and boy I learnt so much. Both Alex,... Martin and Lee provided excellent training both from a theory and practical perspective. Great laugh, lovely lunches and even a night out for a curry and a few beers. The support they offer and the passion they have for this business is second to none. Well worth every more
Mike Ison
Mike Ison
22:04 08 Apr 19
Superb service from Alex, Martin and the team at Tilemaster. Extremely knowledgeable in the Hard Floor Cleaning industry and always offers great... advice and products when Ive rang them over the past few years. Many thanksread more
Whitegate Cleaning Services Cleaning
Whitegate Cleaning Services Cleaning
10:45 22 Aug 18
Great company to deal with very knowledgeable on all types of floors, we highly recommend
Jon Chrimes
Jon Chrimes
19:21 03 Feb 18
Top customer service combined with great products. Deal with The Tile Master Stockport with confidence.
Carmarthenshire Cleaning
Carmarthenshire Cleaning
21:17 01 Mar 17
These guys have changed stone & tile cleaning in such a good way, coming from a cleaning and restoration background we were able to make the move... into hard floors with such confidence. The training they provide is second to none with in depth knowledge and superior customer service topped off with fantastic products I could not recommend them more. Weather you are looking to make the move into tile and stone cleaning and restoration or looking to get your floors cleaned you won't go far wrong with these guys. Keep up the great more
Neil Bevan
Neil Bevan
21:06 01 Mar 17
The people, products and results are all award winning.. always there to answer any queries I may have with regards to hard floor cleaning. When you... use these guys you get 1st class service all the time. They are passionate and they more
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